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                                 Georg Bucher

                      President of Supervisory Board of Sparkasse Bank
                   Makedonija AD Skopje and Member of the Management
                             Board of Steiermärkische Sparkasse

                    SpARkASSE BANkA

                 MAkEdoNIjA IS NoW

                        TAkING ThE 4Th

                     poSITIoN oN ThE

                      BANkING MARkET

                The  process  of  acquisition  of  tegration process.
          Ohridska  Banka  by  Sparkasse  Banka      The result, the successful integra-
          Makedonija  started  in  2019  but  now  tion,  has  been  one  of  the  most  im-
          the  process  of  full  integration  has  portant  projects  for  Steiermärkische
          come  to  an  end.  How  do  you  assess  Sparkasse in the Western Balkans re-
          the  integration  process  and  its  out-  gion over the last few years. Now we
          come, what were the key segments of  have an even stronger and competitive
          the process?                            bank on the market, which will be the
                                                  4th largest bank in North Macedonia.
             G.  Bucher:  The  integration  of  the   The most important key segments
          two banks was not only a highly com-    of the process were the closing of pur-
          plex IT project, but also the first bank  chase;  the  implementation  of  Group
          merger in North Macedonia. Although  requirements;  data  migration  and
          besides challenging circumstance due  technical and legal merger connected
          to COVID-19 we managed a smooth in-     with the go-live.

   342                          july/August 2021
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